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Carlsen – Cheparinov, round 5 commentary LIVE!

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Videos from the World Cup, part one and Videos from the World Cup, part two

The final 8 of the World Cup is here with a very interesting setup. The top four seeded (Ivanchuk, Aronian, Svidler, and Radjabov) are all out of the competition. Yet, the remaining players are clearly above 2700 according to the live rating we published yesterday. Chessdom will comment live for you the matches Carlsen – Cheparinov and Kamsky – Ponomariov. Join us for the live games at 11 CET / 5am EST.

Chess Grand Prix

These quater final matches of the World Cup have high importance, as the winners of them have their participation in the Chess Grand Prix tournaments guaranteed. Three of the final four players will get an opportunity in the forthcoming Grand Prix and the winner will play a match next year to determine the challenger for the World Chess Championship match in 2009.

World Chess Cup prize fund

Round 1 participants: USD 6,000

Round 2 participant: USD 10,000

Round 3 participant: USD 16,000

Round 4 participant: USD 25,000

Round 5 participant: USD 35,000

Round 6 participant: USD 50,000

Runner-up: USD 80,000

World Cup winner: USD 120,000

Replay games from the Chess World Cup

Kamsky – Adly – round 1 game 1

Adly – Kamsky – round 1 game 2

Carlsen – Naiditsch – round 2 game 1

Naiditsch – Carlsen – round 2 game 2

Cheparinov – Mamedyarov and Dominguez Perez – Carlsen – round 3 game 1

Mamedyarov – Cheparinov and Carlsen – Dominguez Perez – round 3 game 2

Akopian – Shirov and Carlsen – Adams – round 4 game 1

Shirov – Akopian and Adams – Carlsen – round 4 game 2

Chess dictionary

While enjoying the strong games from the World Cup, we should not forget the fun side of chess. We are looking for new terms for the Chess Dictionary. If you happen to know any, please, send it to us. (more fun reads at

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