World Class: Ding Liren – by FM Adarsh Tripathi

Unleash The Power Of Your Pieces With
The 2023 FIDE World Championship Contender

World Class: Ding Liren – by FM Adarsh Tripathi is an annotated game collection celebrating Ding Liren’s sensational rise to the top — while uncovering the secrets to winning piece play through his moves.Pawns determine the long-term strategy in chess. But you need powerful and mobile pieces to set that strategy in motion.And when it comes to marshaling the knights, bishops, rooks, and queen to victory, Ding Liren is the player to emulate.

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Ding reached a peak ranking of world #2 and a peak rating of 2816 FIDE, making him the highest rated Chinese player in history.He went on a 100-game unbeaten streak, which was a world record until it was broken by Magnus Carlsen and punched his ticket to the 2023 FIDE World Championship by steamrolling opponents — like Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, Jan-Kzysztof Duda, and Richard Rapport — with overwhelming piece activity.

Join FIDE Master Adarsh Tripathi as he retraces the ascent of Ding and treats you to…

A Dazzling Display Of Dynamism

World Class: Ding Liren follows his career through 30 games — all deeply annotated and analyzed by Tripathi.

Watch an unrated Ding destroy a 2100-expert and a future super-GM in the World Youth Championships

Follow his wins against top 100 players and 300-point favorites in the Chinese chess scene…

Revisit the brightest spots in his undefeated streak from 2017 to 2018…

And in the final chapter, you’ll watch him cross swords against Ian Nepomniachtchi in the 2023 FIDE World Championship.

In every game, Tripathi went beyond raw variations and served over 108+ thousand words of instruction explaining the ideas behind Ding’s moves — sharing practical decision-making tips — and challenging you to think like the title contender and find his masterstrokes.

So that by the end of the course, you’ll have a better handle on the dynamic potential of your pieces… in your games.

Here’s a sampler of the brilliance you’re about to see:

🔥 How to get the better deal out of piece exchanges by asking these two questions.

🔥 Active retreats which move a piece out of harm’s way, while setting up threats of your own.

🔥 Study-like finishes which push the boundaries of what’s possible — including a shocking self-pin against a 2724-rated grandmaster.

Ding Liren - Ni Hua, 2009
27.Bf6+! “Call an ambulance, but not for me!”

🔥 How to give your attack a second wind by “hanging” a piece.

🔥 Maneuvers which bring your rooks to life even on a crowded board — and how to decide which rook to put on the only open file.

🔥 Closing mating nets with your king!

Plus a treasure trove of positional and tactical ideas so mind-blowing, they must be seen to be believed.

To help ingrain Ding’s dynamism into your play, we turned his games’ highlights into 100 MoveTrainer exercises, while Tripathi added another layer of instruction through nearly 13 hours of video presenting 20 of the model games covered in the course in even more depth.

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