Yane Gelemerov winner of 137th MGU Open 2015

Yane Gelemerov_winnerThe 137th MGU Open 2015 was held from 28th February to 1st March, 2015, at Chess Club MGU, in Sofia, capital and largest city of Bulgaria.

The event was organized by FA Dimitar Iliev under the auspices of the University of mining and geology “St Ivan Rilski” Sofia,  Chess Club “An Pasan” and “Zora” Trading Company in a 6-round Swiss FIDE format, open to all players rated below 2200 and it will be valid for FIDE and national rating.

NM Yane Gelemerov emerged a clear winner with 5/6 points, leaving the runner-up, Martin Metev, half a point behind.

Third place was shared in a four-way tie by NM Dobrotich AndreevIM Petar Orev, Romain Le Borgne and Anton Slavejkov on 4 points each.

You can see the full standings and replay the games below.

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Final standings:

1 NM Gelemerov Yane BUL 2051 5
2 Metev Martin BUL 2004 4,5
3 NM Andreev Dobrotich BUL 1945 4
4 IM Orev Petar BUL 2115 4
5 Le Borgne Romain FRA 1707 4
6 Slavejkov Anton BUL 1793 4
7 Bozilov Dragan SRB 1951 3,5
8 Slavejkov Kristian BUL 1729 3,5
9 Tsyntsarski Boyko Dr. BUL 1737 3
10 NM Kolev Velio BUL 1825 3
11 Kamenov Valentin BUL 1793 3
12 Kosturkov Krasimir BUL 1700 3
13 Neycheva Monika Vladimirova USA 0 3
14 Simov Zahari BUL 1604 3
15 Kostov Nikolay BUL 1832 2,5
16 Mladenov Andrey BUL 1843 2,5
17 Tenev Bogdan BUL 1332 2,5
18 Mehmed Elif BUL 1666 2
19 Stathopoulos Fotios GRE 0 2
20 Georgiev Nikolay BUL 1606 1,5
21 Grabcheva Natalia BUL 1545 1
22 Iliev Alexandar BUL 1735 0,5

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