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Yugra wins Women’s Russian Teams Championship

The Russian Teams Chess Championship for women was decided on the first tiebreak criteria – individual game points. This scenario was also seen in the main event. Coincidentally, the difference between the first two teams was also 1.5 points.

Report of the main event / Replay all the games with computer analysis

Yugra played against the Economist Saratov and obtained the win with a perfect 4-0 score. The team was led by World Champion Anna Ushenina, who had drawn her first four games. The start of the team, however, was Natalia Pogonina. The Russian champion got 4.5/5 points to register a 2757 rating performance.

The SHSM “Nashe Nasledie” Moskow finished with the same amount of points, but was not too far from winning. They defeated the Kazan team 3-1 and ended up 1.5 points behind the eventual champions.

Yugra - SHSM "Nashe Nasledie" Moskow

Final Standings:

1 Yugra 8 14.0
2 SHSM “Nashe Nasledie” Moskow 8 12.5
3 AGU – Belorechensk 4 10.5
4 M.I.Chigorin Chess Club 4 7.5
5 Economist Saratov 4 7.5
6 Ladya Kazan 2 8.0

Board Pairings – Round 5:

  AGU – Belorechensk   M.I.Chigorin Chess Club
Lagno, Kateryna Bodnaruk, Anastasia 1 – 0
Gaponenko, Inna Mammadova, Gulnar 1 – 0
Kashlinskaya, Alina Bronnikova, Elizaveta 1 – 0
Baraeva, Marina Ivkina, Olga 1 – 0
  Yugra   Economist Saratov
Ushenina, Anna Iljushina, Olga 1 – 0
Pogonina, Natalija Tarasova, Viktoriya 1 – 0
Romanko, Marina Tomnikova, Lidia 1 – 0
Shadrina, Tatiana Dogodkina, Julia 1 – 0
  Ladya Kazan   SHSM “Nashe Nasledie” Moskow
Atalik, Ekaterina Kosteniuk, Alexandra 1 – 0
Zaiatz, Elena Gunina, Valentina 0 – 1
Ambartsumova, Karina Girya, Olga 0 – 1
Belova, Olga Savina, Anastasia 0 – 1

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