GM Georg Meier Winner in Buenos Aires

The 3rd Magistral Internacional Marcel Duchamp 2011 was held on 14-23rd December at the Club Argentino de Ajedrez, Paraguay 1858, Buenos Aires. The 13th FIDE category event was played as a double-round robin with six players.

The tournament featured a thematic opening to honour the legendary Argentine Grandmaster Oscar Panno. All games were started with the Panno King’s Indian variation – 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.g3 Bg7 4.Bg2 0-0 5.Nf3 d6 6.Nc3 Nc6 7.0-0 a6.

GM Georg Meier, reigning European Team Champion with Germany, won the competition with 6.0/10 points despite the loss in the final round. A convenient setting for Meier was that his nearest follower GM Sandro Mareco was also defeated on the last day and remained half a point behind.

Final standings:

1. GM Meier Georg GER 2659 – 6
2. GM Mareco Sandro ARG 2583 – 5.5
3. GM Lemos Damian ARG 2542 – 5
4. GM Rodriguez Vila Andres URU 2481 – 5
5. GM Delgado Ramirez Neuris COL 2570 – 4.5
6. GM Flores Diego ARG 2602 – 4

Sandro Mareco and Diego Flores shared the first place in the last year’s Magistral Marcel Duchamp.

Georg Meier

Georg Meier

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