GM Vitaly Kunin convincing in Nantes Open

The 12th International Nantes Open was held on 27-30th December 2013 at the Salle Municipale Egalite in Nantes, France.

87 players competed in the 7-round Swiss event with the classical time control.

German Grandmaster Vitaly Kunin convincingly won the tournament with 6,5/7 points, leaving the nearest followers a full point behind.

Final standings:

1. GM KUNIN Vitaly 2552 GER – 6,5
2-3. IM KOZIAK Vitali 2486 UKR and GM LALIC Bogdan 2492 CRO – 5,5
4-15. IM COLIN Vincent 2413 FRA, GM LE ROUX Jean-Pierre 2568 FRA, GM LAGARDE Maxime 2511 FRA, IM STETS Dmitry 2410 UKR, JAULIN Philippe 2181 FRA, BONN Thomas 2284 FRA, FM CROUAN Stephane 2174 FRA, LE RUYET Leopold 2259 FRA, LE GOFF Ronan 2189 FRA, KURAYAN Ruslan 2393 UKR, HUTOIS Mickael 2141 FRA and LE GALLO Frederic 1990 FRA – 5,0 etc

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