Houdini – Gull and Equinox – Bouquet are the 3000+ ELO battles today

bouquet-chessThe top battles of TCEC round 7 have started. Stockfish 4 has defeated Shredder 12, Komodo had no problems with Exchess, while Critter 1.6a held Rybka 4.1 to a draw.

Today’s top battles are Houdini – Gull and Equinox – Bouquet, watch them live all day long here.

In the R6 standings the chess engine Bouquet is sole leader with 5,0/6. It is closely followed by Gull and Equinox with 4,5/6. Stockfish, Houdini, Komodo, Critter, Rybka, and Shredder share 4th-9th place with 4,0/6.

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