Interview with World Champion Anand and Aruna behind the scenes

Vijay Kumar with Anand, starting the media coverage minutes after the match

One would think that the day after the match the World Champion Viswanathan Anand will get good rest, celebrate, and relax. But that certainly is not the case for the many times winner of the chess crown. Anand spent the hours after the final game constantly communicating with the media.
Chess fans have seen many different interviews in internetional media that exceeds the number of journalists on site. But how is this possible? One of the keys to this superb coverage is the renowned journalist Vijay Kumar. Via video, phone, internet, or any means possible, Vijay Kumar was spreading the thoughts from the World’s Champion camp right after the match.
You were able to follow daily the video reports of Vijay Kumar from, now something very special is coming. Here is a behind the scenes sneak peek of the first thoughts of the winner, with interview of Anand for NDTV and interview with Aruna Anand.

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