Stavanger Open NGP 2014

The Stavanger Chess Club in cooperation with Norway Chess and 2020Park organized the Stavanger Open NGP 2014 on 6-9th June.

The 6-round Swiss event was held at a real estate business park in Forus, near the Scandic Forus Hotel.

There were three playing sections: Group A (over 1750), Group B (1250-1750) and Group C (U1250).

The main section had 47 participants, including five Grandmasters.

Group A final standings:
1-3. GM Aleksa Strikovic SRB 2532, GM Andrey Sumets UKR 2640 and GM Vladimir Burmakin RUS 2592 – 5,0
4-5. GM Oleg Korneev ESP 2599 and IM Torbjørn R. Hansen NOR 2455 – 4,5
6-13. FM Lasse Østebø Løvik NOR 2323, Johan Salomon NOR 2317, Johan-Sebastian Christiansen NOR 2236, FM Lars Oskar Hauge NOR 2316, Johannes Luangtep Kvisla NOR 2142, IM Andreas G.R. Moen NOR 2369, GM Milos Pavlovic SRB 2498, Victor Havik NOR 2065 – 4,0 etc

Aleksa Strikovic

GM Aleksa Strikovic

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