Stockfish maintains 1,5 point lead in the TCEC Season 6 – Stage 4

tcec_s06_poster_01The fourth Stage of the strongest computer competition TCEC is in progress and Stockfish maintains a 1,5 point lead.

The standings have been more or less the same for a long time. First place – occupied by Stockfish, second – by Komodo, Houdini – always third and Critter – last.

Houdini, though, made a surprise in 23rd round, outplaying the leader with Black pieces, thus catching up on Komodo.

However, Stockfish is still superior with 14.5/23 points, leaving the nearest followers 1.5 points behind.

Komodo and Houdini are vying for the second place, because according to the rules of TCEC only the top two will qualify to play the Superfinal.

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Standings after 23 rounds:

Stockfish 300414 (3157) – 14.5
Komodo 1223 (3148) – 13.0
Houdini 4 (3148) – 13.0
Critter 1.6a (3038) – 5.5

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