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Stockfish with perfect 11,0/11 in TCEC

stockfishThe computer chess fans were treated to a special performance by Stockfish in TCEC Stage 1b. It literally destroyed opposition, finishing the group with 11,0/11.

The achievement of Stockfish is especially valuable in computer chess, where due to the strength and deep calculation of the engines we often see draws. The tactical abilities and endgame precision were key to this perfect result.

With gold in TCEC Stage 1b, Stockfish continues the quest towards a coveted TCEC title. It is a title holder from Season 6, but Season 7 saw Komodo regain the throne. The two engines will meet for the first time in a direct encounter in TCEC this Saturday after 16:00 CET, when the official start of Stage 2 will be given.

TCEC Season 8 info: Complete information for the Season 8 / Official website / Live games and 24h chat / Facebook fan page

Besides the winners in Stage 1a and Stage 1b, Komodo and Stockfish, a total of 12 engines will participate in Stage 2.

Top 6 in Stage 1a: Komodo, Gull, Protector, Fire, Ginkgo, Texel
Top 6 Stage 1b: Stockfish, Houdini, Hannibal, Chiron, Nirvana, The Baron

More about TCEC Stage 1b

Stage 1b can be considered as the most bumpy stage in the history of TCEC. It started off with a problem for Alfil. The 3000+ engine could not disable the internal book due to a software bug. An official decision disqualified Alfil (read the press release here). The engine was substituted by Crafty, an older, but very stable version of the engine.

While Stockfish and Houdini were taking down engines one by one with perfect chess on the board, three more engines started having software problems and crashes. It lead to further software adjustments, but as this did not help Equinox, Junior and Pedone were not allowed to continue in Stage 2 (see the information here)

There came the long expected round 8 Houdini – Stockfish game. Houdini was just 1/2 points behind Stockfish and a win would probably guarantee it first place. In a position where most humans would consider a dead draw, Stockfish showed incredible knowledge of rook endgames and defeated Houdini. A game that will certainly remain in history (replay here).

With the most difficult game behind, Stockfish continued playing amazing chess and finished the stage with a perfect 11,0/11. Replay all games in the archive here.

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