TCEC emotes design contest

500px-Facial_expressions_-_The_Cartoonist's_Art_fromwikimediacommonsTCEC is looking for emotes for its Twitch chat, so a TCEC Emote Design Contest (EDC) is opened.

You are invited to send in you own original designs for evaluation by our Emote Jury, consisting of 5 members. The contest opens on 11 November 2018 and after selecting winners, these will gradually be released in the chat. A set of emotes sent in should ideally include a palette of emotions, some suggestions for these are: happiness, sadness, cheering, approval, (dis)agreement, surprise, 10/10 emote, boom emote, emotes for top engines, etcetera.

For the full rules, click HERE

We are looking forward to your designs!

–posted by kanchess

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