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TCEC Season 16 – information and participants

tcec14TCEC Season 16 is going to start Sunday July 14th at 15:00 CEST with the participation of the strongest computer chess software. For the first time ever a Neural Network – Leela Chess Zero aka Lc0 – will defend both a league title and a Cup title.

TCEC Season 16 will feature a new format. It will keep the acclaimed Premier Division and Superfinal as in previous seasons, but will give more chances to starting engines to climb up the rankings. For this reason three leagues of 16 engines will be created. The event will start with a Qualification League where all newcomers will be featured, including new AB engines and Neural Networks. The top 6 of the Qualification League will promote to League 2 (also 6 will relegate), and the top 4 of League 2 will promote to League 1 (also 4 will relegate). Finally, the best placed 2 engines from League 1 will qualify for the Premier Division (also 2 will relegate).

The change of structure for TCEC is necessary due to the present rapid development of computer chess. With the new format more engines will have a chance to climb up the ranks and have a shot to enter in the elite.

Here is the list of participants for the Premier Division and the newly formed leagues. The seeding of the engines is based entirely on Season 15.


Superfinal (100 games with time control 120’+10″ – using a new book by Jeroen Noomen)


1. Premier Division winner
2. Premier Division runner up


Premier Division (3x DRR with time control 90’+5″ – using a new 8 move book by Cato aka Nelson Hernandez)


1. Lc0 – current TCEC champion
2. Stockfish
3. Komodo
4. AllieStein
5. Houdini
6. Komodo MCTS
7. League 1 winner
8. League 1 runner up


League 1 (1x DRR with time control 45+5 – using a 6 move book, randomized)


1. Ethereal
2. Fire
3. Xiphos
4. Laser
5. Andscacs
6. Fizbo
7. Jonny
8. Chiron
9. Ginkgo
10. ChessBrainVB
11. Booot
12. Rofchade
13. League 2 qualification
14. League 2 qualification
15. League 2 qualification
16. League 2 qualification


League 2 (1x DRR with time control 30+5 – using a 4 move book, randomized)


1. Fritz
2. Nirvana
3. Arasan
4. Texel
5. Vajolet
6. Gull
7. Pedone
8. Nemorino
9. Rubichess
10. Pirarucu
11. Qualification
12. Qualification
13. Qualification
14. Qualification
15. Qualification
16. Qualification


Qualification (1x DRR with time control 30+5 – using a 2 move book, randomized)


Up to 16 engines playing for 6 qualification positions. This is a mix of engines from Div 4 and new entries. The complete list of participants will be announced soon.


Stay tuned for updates

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