The new versions of Houdini and Stockfish play a 144 moves thriller

stockfish-4Stage 3 of TCEC is in progress, with 10 engines competing in a double round robin. TCEC is often called the “strongest computer chess championship”, and there is a very logical reason for that – in the event are competing not only the strongest engines, rather their new experimental releases.

Houdini is playing with an experimental version stronger than Houdini 3, namely the 9601 modification. Many speculate that this is the future basis of Houdini 4 and that its creator Robert Houdart uses TCEC for a public test.

Stockfish, the strongest open source engine, also released version 4 for the first stage of TCEC. Now is Stage 3 the version is upgraded to the experimental 151013.

Being top of the computer rating list and with new versions, Stockfish and Houdini played the longest game of the Stage – thrilling 144 moves! You can replay the game here (select from drop down menu)

Every game of TCEC remains excitement, but many questions remain unanswered. Will Komodo manage to prove it is best prepared for this Season? Were the Stockfish and Houdini version upgrades provoked by the performance of Komodo? Can Naum’s new 4.6 version qualify for yet another stage? Will the newcomer Bouquet bring more surprises? Can the only U3000 ELO engine in the field create another stun? Are Critter and Hiarcs the surprise of the stage? Watch the developing story game by game live on the official website.

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