Ukrainian Open Chess Championship 2020

Ukrainian Open Chess Championship 2020 consisting of Classical, Rapid and Blitz events, currently is ongoing in Omelnyk, Ukraine, with participation of 38 players among the Ukrainian top.

The event takes place from 17th-19th November and after three played rounds, seven players tie fro the top, scoring 2.5 points each. The first on the ranking list currently is three times Ukrainian Chess Champion (2018, 2012, 2002) GM Anton Korobov. Among the participants, there are six female players, and after 3 rounds, IM Osmak Iulia, IM Buksa Nataliya and WIM Martynkova Olena emerged with the highest score with 1.5 points each.

Results, rankings and standings can be found here, while the LIVE transmission of the games can be followed through the official website of the event.

Ukrainian Open Chess Championship 2020

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