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Arkady Dvorkovich is re-elected FIDE President

Arkady Dvorkovich is re-elected FIDE President! More than 155 federations voted for Dvorkovich’s ticket with Viswanathan Anand as a FIDE Deputy President, Zhu Chen as a FIDE Treasurer, Joran Aulin-Jansson as the FIDE Vice-President and Mahir Mammedov as the FIDE Vice-President.

The FIDE Congress is taking place in Chennai, India from 31 July – 9 August 2022 as part of the Chess Olympiad 2022. The FIDE General Assembly and FIDE elections took place today with two candidates running for the FIDE president: Arkady Dvorkovich and Andrii Baryshpolets. Read more: Inal Sheripov has withdrawn from the FIDE Presidential election 2022 / Bachar Kouatly withdraws from the FIDE presidential elections

The FIDE Elections 2022 were recognized as Ukraine vs Russia battle, with mainstream media reporting about it. (read more: BBC reports on Ukraine vs Russia in FIDE Chess Elections 2022 ) Things have gone far away with Sergey Karjakin suggesting the creation of the parallel international chess organization if Baryshpolets wins the elections. Shortly before the start of the Olympiad and FIDE Congress, the President of the Russian Chess Federation called the winners of the Golden badge to vote for the Russian candidate: “I would like to ask you, the winner of Golden badge, knowing your international contacts, links, and opportunities, to provide your influence in this voting process as we all await positive news on August 7”. Filatov introduced the importance of the after-election day, saying that the Russian Chess Federation will ask to be released from sanctions from FIDE competitions. See the full speech of Filatov here
If the FIDE General Assembly accepts the proposal of the Russian Chess Federation and releases them from the suspension, FIDE might be in conflict with the International Olympic Committee.

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