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Booot kicks into high gear, wins TCEC S21 L4

After having a rough start in the Qualification League, Booot (ELO 3391) finally showed its potential. It won convincingly League 4 of TCEC S21 with 17,5/22 – 13 wins, 9 draws and no losses. Booot finished a full point ahead of the rating favorite Halogen, and three points ahead of the QL winner Koivisto.

Booot, together with Halogen, Koivisto, and the debutant ClassicAra have qualified for League 3. This will be a key league for the engines, as finishing top 4 will give the right not only to promotion, but also to updating the programs.

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League 4 final standings

Champion: Booot 17,5/22

Qualified for L3: Halogen 16,5/22, Koivisto 14,5/22 , ClassicAra 14,0/22

Remain in L4: Monolith 12,0/22 , Amoeba 10,0/22 , Stash 9,5/22 , Cheng 8,5/22

Relegate to QL: Nirvana 8,5/22, Mr. Bob 7,5/22, Drofa 7,0/22, and ChessFighter 6,5/22

More about Booot

Booot is an open source chess program written in Delphi 6 by Alex Morozov. It first played in Season 2 and Season 3 of TCEC. After a long pause Booot reentered the competition and played Season 10 to Season 18. With the requirement that relatively recently updated engines can play, Booot skipped Season 19 and Season 20, to make a comeback this Season 21

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