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Finally a chess forum at Chessdom!

the chess forum is fully functional, sign up today!

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It has been long craved by Chessdom users to have a place on the website where they can discuss the current issues of chess. Giving a simple CoveritLive platform during the Dresden Olympiad proved this interest to be higher than ever. People from over 100 countries joined the discussion with 500+ messages per day posted. This was the starting signal for the web designer team to quickly setup a message board.

And here we are, one week later, with a completely new fully functional chess forum! After 2 days of testing the version has proven stable and is ready to accept all your comments, suggestions, ideas, and opinions.

You can already find inside several GMs and IMs, the Chessdom editors staff, the live rating list creator, and soon it will be full of your favorite players that you follow every day through the pages of Chessdom. It is time to join, just go to the main page and find the register button in the upper right hand corner. With only two clicks you can join the discussion today!

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