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Chess Informant 118 (update!)

Chess Informant 118 comes with a present - the book "Chess Queens - Combinations"

Chess Informant 118 comes with a present – the book “Chess Queens – Combinations”

Update: only during World Chess Championship 2013 first days the price is 41,95 eur (10% discount)

Chess Informant 118 will soon be on the market. You can pre-order it at the Chessdom shop with a present (Chess Queens – Combinations) and worldwide FREE shipping with DHL.

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Chess Informant 118 is the Cobra edition including special English language columns by Garry Kasparov, Mihail Marin, Sarunas Sulskis, John Bartholomew, Suat Atalik, European champion Alexander Moiseenko, Alexander Ipatov, Rafael Leitao, Ivan Ivanisevic, Emanuel Berg, Adrian Mikhalchishin, Dragan Solak, etc.

It also contains special reports from World Cup 2013 (games and openings), Grand Prix tournaments Thessaloniki 2013 and Beiing 2013 (openings), European Women Championship Belgrade 2013.

CI Labs opening surveys by Viktor Erdos, Danilo Milanovic and Spiridon Skembris. Not to forget hundreds of annotated games, combinations, endings, tournament tables, problems and studies.

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Chess Informant 118 pre-order offer

Free shipping – worldwide to any point on the globe without exception, with DHL
Present – Chess Queens Combinations – Hardcover, July 2013, 204 pages, 567 annotated combinations Official book of the European Women’s Chess Championship (present worth 19,95 eur)
Price – price 46,95 eur (note: until Oct 27 price is 10% discount, only 41,95)

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