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To monetize your chess career, it’s crucial to be visible and engaged in the chess community, and this platform provides the perfect opportunity for you to achieve that. Where is the opportunity going to come from that changes your chess life?

Check your mailbox. Post on social. Double check your spam folder. Scan your DMs. Attend the networking event. Perform well at the tournament. Stay after just in case. Update your CV. Send out cold emails. Make cold calls. Pray. This hamster wheel of time, effort, and resources can be exhausting. Instead of all – just go to Outpost Chess.

In hobbyist spheres like chess, martial arts, or adventure sports, it can be even more difficult because defined channels and platforms haven’t been established yet. Well, the chess world doesn’t have to wait any longer. One of the oldest and most established games has been stuck in antiquated ways to connect and communicate for too long. Now you finally have your chance to be like a Night at Outpost square, represent yourself, be visible, be connected to the chess community.

Find club, find tournament, find coach register, pay and get paid via Outpost, chat to your chess bodies, all 100% at one place Outpost Chess!

Now, you can create a profile on Outpost to display all the most important information about ourselves as it pertains to chess. We can upload our CVs, post opportunities, and communicate with others efficiently and effectively. We can recruit for teams, sign up for tournaments, and make new friends. We can learn from Grand Masters, win giveaways, and find the best chess products. Create your profile here

Finally, we don’t have to cobble together letters, emails, multiple social media accounts, and various other methods of connection. We can post up with Outpost Chess. Create a profile today, and let’s help the world of chess evolve to the modern day.

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