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Halogen with flying start at TCEC S21 L4

The strong finish of the Qualification League has found its logical continuation. League 4 of the Top Chess Engine Championship, with eight engines coming form QL and four seeded, is off to an interesting start.

Halogen has given serious fight to the promoted engines and is a sole leader after eight rounds. It collected 6,5/8 with five wins and three draws and is ahead of Booot with 6,0/8 and Koivisto with 5,5/8. One of the victories of Halogen was exactly against the winner of TCEC QL, you can replay the game here.

More about Halogen

Halogen is an UCI compliant open source chess engine by Kieren Pearson, written in C++. Halogen has its own incrementally updated neural network for its evaluation function, inspired by Stockfish NNUE. Networks are trained through a private, from scratch C implementation created in collaboration with Andrew Grant, the author of the Div P engine Ethereal.

Official Github of Halogen / Follow live the Top Chess Engine Championship

TCEC League 4 standings

A total of four engines will qualify to TCEC League 3, while the bottom four will relegate. Entering League 3 and promoting from it is essential, as this is the point where authors are allowed to submit updates. Here are the full standings after 8 rounds

  1. Halogen 6,5/8
  2. Booot 6,0/8
  3. Koivisto 5,5/8

4-5. ClassicAra, Monolith 5,0/8

6-8. Cheng, Nirvana, Stash 3,5/8

9-10. Amoeba, Drofa 3,0/8

11. Mr. Bob 2,0/8

12. ChessFighter 1,5/8

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