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IM Melia Salome needs help

Excerpt from the official website of the Women’s World Team Championship

Anastasiya Karlovich: You’ve mentioned some circumstances in your life which make this tournament very special for you. Can you please share with us what happened?

Melia Salome: I don’t want people to exaggerate and make a tragedy but the situation is quite difficult for me. I have a daughter (4 months old) who has got heart disease. I’m not playing only for the team here, I also play for money because I want her alive. The operation cost big money.

– Salome, can you please tell us how expensive is the operation and where the surgery must take place?

– The operation is very complex and, unfortunately, it’s impossible do make it in Georgia. We need to go to Germany, where the operation costs 60,000 euros. We received a response from the USA, but there it costs about a million.

Operation should be done before the end of March, but it is difficult to find such amount of money. I really hope that the operation will help, as no one guarantees the result, because it is very difficult to do heart surgery on a child.

Bank Account
Beneficiary: Salome Melia
Number of account: GE57PC0193600100007067
Bank code (SWIFT): MIBGGE22
Name of bank: ProCredit Bank, Tbilisi, Georgia
Address of bank: 21 Al. Kazbegi Ave., 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia.

Melia Salome

Melia Salome

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