Invitation for Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway

The Norwegian Chess Federation and the organizing committee for Chess Olympiad 2014 invite all member federations of FIDE to take part in the 41st Chess Olympiad and the 85th FIDE Congress in Tromsø, Norway.

The 41st Chess Olympiad takes place from August 1–14 and the 85th FIDE Congress takes place from August 5-13 in the city of Tromsø.

The playing venue, Mackhallen, is situated in the heart of downtown Tromsø. Mack is the world’s northernmost brewery, dating from 1877. When the brewery moved to more modern facilities, an area of 7000 m² became available to the organizers of the Chess Olympiad.

The venue is within walking distance of all official Olympiad hotels in downtown Tromsø.


The Chess Olympiad is open to all federations affiliated to FIDE, each of which can nominate one team for the open section and one for the women’s section. Each team consists of four players and one reserve. Each team shall nominate a captain, who may also be one of the players.

Federations planning to participate in the Chess Olympiad 2014 must register as follows:
1. Pre-registration, available between March 17th and April 1st 2014. With pre-registration national federations declare their intention to participate in the Olympiad.
2. Registration (names of participants, etc.) will be open from April 1st to June 1st 2014.

Pre-registration and registration will be done electronically through the official website www.tromso2014.no. Click on REGISTRATION AND ACCREDITATION and follow the instructions on the screen.

Travel and accommodation information must be provided through the registration system by July 1st 2014.

If you have any questions regarding registrations, please do not hesitate to contact Kema Goryaeva at: kema@tromso2014.no

The registration fee is 100 EURO per person. The registration fee covers ground transport in Tromsø, accreditation and the handling of this.

The tournament regulations are in accordance with FIDE Handbook D, Regulations for Specific Competitions.
D.II Chess Olympiad:
01. Regulations for the Chess Olympiad
02. Olympiad Paring Rules


The opening ceremony will be held at Skarphallen in Tromsø on August 1. All teams are invited to the opening ceremony.
The closing ceremony will be held at the same venue on August 14.
The organizing committee will arrange all transport to and from the ceremonies.

All participants must be accredited in order to have access to the playing area. The participants must upload a photo during the online registration process. These photos will be used on the accreditation cards.

During the Chess Olympiad, each team (6 people) will be provided with two double rooms and two single rooms, including full board, free of charge.
Delegates are accommodated free for the whole period.

Online registration of teams and delegates will be used as applications for accommodation.

Distribution of the teams and delegates to hotels will be decided in consultation with FIDE. The teams will be informed of their hotels when this information is available.

Teams may apply for an upgrade. Due to hotel capacity, we cannot guarantee that we can meet all requests, but we promise to do our best.

The organizing committee will organize all ground transport to and from Tromsø Airport. Most travelers will go through Oslo Airport before heading north to Tromsø. Please note that when arriving in Oslo you have to collect your luggage for customs clearance then drop it off again in the departures hall. The organizer will also have a meeting point at the Oslo Airport. You will find us in the luggage collection area for international flights. If you experience any problems, please contact the staff at this desk, and they will provide assistance.


1. Qualification:
The Travel Fund is basically intended for the developing countries, meaning the countries in category 3-5 according to the FIDE Development Commission (DC). Federations with special needs that are not on this list may apply. Final decisions will be made by the Tromsø 2014 Organizing Committee.
The Travel Fund is provided for the federation’s players. Non-playing captains, chiefs of delegations, arbiters, experts, volunteers and trainers do not qualify to receive a travel subsidy.

2. Level of support:
The travel support will be calculated based on the following:
a) Estimated distance to and from each federation’s home country to the City of Tromsø
b) Estimated average flight cost per air mile

3. Preconditions:
Each federation must apply by using the standard application that may be found on www.tromso2014.no
a) Only the federation’s players are eligible to receive this subsidy (maximum 5 per team).
b) The players must be registered in the FIDE system.
c) The deadline for applications is the June 15. Applications received after the deadline will not be approved.

4. Terms:
a) The subsidy will be paid on arrival in Tromsø, in accordance with receipts and signature from the federation’s representative.
b) The subsidy will be transferred to the federation’s bank account.
c) Any bank fees incurred will be deducted from the subsidy.
d) The Olympiad Registration fee of € 100 per player will be deducted from the subsidy.
e) If payment via bank transfer is impossible, the subsidy may be paid in cash on arrival in Tromsø, in accordance with receipts and signature from the federation’s representative.
f) Each eligible federation is entitled to a minimum travel subsidy of USD 400 per player.

5. Entitled federations:
Please see addendum 1 or www.tromso2014.no


Norway has more than 100 diplomatic and consular missions located all over the world. All of these have their own websites, which provide information for the local population. For more information, please visit www.norway.info, select your home country and check if you need to apply for a VISA to enter Norway.

If you require a VISA, you will also require an invitation letter from Chess Olympiad to complete your application. When registering via the website, please fill out all passport information that is required and we will email a photocopy of the letter of invitation. If the original invitation letter is required, we can send this to the federation by regular mail. Please note that if you require delivery by DHL or similar service, the recipient must pay the cost of such shipment.


The FIDE Congress will be held at Raddison Blu Hotel Tromsø. All delegates must register on tromso2014.no. One member from each federation will be provided full board and accommodation.

The FIDE General Assembly will be held at the University of Tromsø.

Download full Invitation (pdf) from FIDE website

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