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Karjakin comments on the ban by FIDE

Sergey Karjakin was banned by FIDE for 6 months and will miss the Candidates Chess 2022 (who can substitute Karjakin in the competition here). Sergey Karjakin strongly disagreed with the FIDE’s ban on his official Telegram channel. He noted that he is disappointed with FIDE’s decision, although he does not find it unexpected.

Sergey Karjakin qualifies the decision of FIDE as “shameful” and comments on his Telegram channel:

First of all, I am a patriot of my country and only secondly, an athlete. If my thoughts were to return to the situation when I supported the President of Russia, the people and the army, I would have done the same! I do not regret anything.

Karjakin also commented for the Russian TASS news agency 

I understood that there was such a danger [of disqualification], but I believe that I am first and foremost a citizen and patriot of my country, and I say this without any boasting. If such a situation arose again, I would not be silent, but again I would write such a letter. I do not regret what I did. Choosing between supporting my country and participating in the Candidates Tournament, I would always choose the first one.”

Karjakin added that, “I don’t see the point of appealing – any court will take the side of Europe. And FIDE is an international sports organization that does like everyone else. And by some coincidence, a Russian is still leading it. I think that this is not for long.” Without appeal, this means Sergey Karjakin will not be able to participate in Candidates Chess 2022. This is another blow for Russia after the Chess Olympiad 2022 was moved to India and Russian and Belarus teams were banned from competitions

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