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Kovalev vs Uskov World Rapid 2022 R7 & Arbiters’ intervention (VIDEO)

ChessBase India published an interesting video of a situation that appeared yesterday during the 7th round of the World Rapid Chess Championship 2022 in Almaty. It was the game between Vladislav Kovalev and 12-year-old Artem Uskov. The young Russian was in a time trouble and made an illegal move as he wanted to take the opponent’s rook, but put his piece on a wrong square. Kovalev called the arbiter and got 2 minutes on the clock. However, the game needed to continue three times from the same set-up.

Since Artem Uskov was left with only one second on the clock, it was very hard to make the move on time after Arbiters’ intervention. Try 1 – he did not make it. However, arbiters asked both players to restart the game again as Kovalev did not have permission to press the clock. Uskov made it in the second try, but he performed the move with two hands, which is not allowed. After short discussion, the arbiters restarted the game again. The third repetition did not work for the 12-year-old who did not make the move on time and lost the game on time. See the video below

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