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Li Min Peng triumphs at Davos Chess Challenge Open 2022

Just a few days after the World Economic Forum hosted the world’s top leaders from politics, business, and civil society to tackle global issues, a town in the Swiss Alps hosted the Davos Chess Festival 2022 from 3-6 June.

The Festival featured two events: Challenge (for players rated 1600+) and Rising (for players rated U1600), both played in 7 rounds, swiss system. GM Li Min Peng convincingly won the Challenge tournament as the sole Winner of the event with 6.5/7 points. GM Harshit Raja and FM Lukas Leisch tied for second place with 5.5 points, each, with tiebreaks criteria determining Harshit Raja as silver medalist and Lukas Leisch came third.

GM Li Min Peng – the Winner of Davos Chess Challenge Open 2022

14-year-old Vadim Depner triumphed in the Rising section. He emerged on the top with 6 points, followed by Ladina Lueller from Switzerland who was second with 5.5 points. Florentin Brisebard was third with 5 points. (scroll down for final rankings)

Vadim Depner – the Winner of Davos Chess Rising Open, Photo: sc-untergrombach

Final rankings – Davos Chess Challenge Open 2022:

Rk. NameTypsexFEDRtgIPts. TB1TB2TB3
1GMPeng Li Min   UKR25036.532282269
2GMRaja Harshit   IND24795.533302221
3FMLeisch Lukas   AUT24075.528252113
4IMSchwabeneder Florian   AUT2435534302202
5IMLoeffler Markus   GER2262533302263
6 Roesch Mario   GER2199530272194
7GMPavlovic Milos   SRB2471530272164
8 Rodriguez Polo Mateo   ESP2176529262151
9FMSteindl Johannes   AUT22914.532292288
10FMArnold Max   GER23454.530272227
11 Popvasilev Kaloyan   GER21924.530272177
12FMBhawoodien Mohamed Ozayr   RSA21684.528252135
13 Cagnotto Marco   ITA20924.528242062
14 Collin Moritz Valentin U16 SUI19854.525222049
15 Jaggy Matteo U16 SUI2053428262048
16 Reinhardt Bernd S60 GER2124427252023
17 Alic Miran   SUI2026425232028
18 Buehler Michael   SUI2080424221949
19 Dushatskiy Fedor S60 GER2107424221959
20 Labelle Ambroise   SUI2041423221908
21 Hetzer Volkhard S60 GER1894423211885
22 Savic Robert  Dr.  GER1925422211960
23 Yakimenko Alexander A. S60 RUS2018422211922
24 Gemelli Romain U16 SUI1952422201993
25FMOlivetti Davide   ITA21623.528252058
26 Boschetti Claudio S60 SUI20073.527252033
27 Arquint Andri   SUI20183.527242039
28 Mattenberger Matthias U16 SUI19853.526232005
29 Hund Sarah  wSUI20763.525242001
30FMAdzic Slobodan S60 SUI20863.525231996
31 Scherler Julius U16 SUI19953.524232063
32AIMUdipi Kala Kishan U16 SUI19823.523212012
33 Deveci Sinan   SUI19373.523211855
34 Lipinsky Markus   GER20273.522201874
35 Vardi Shlomit  wISR17243.520181828
36 Mamalis Prokopios U16 GRE2119329262108
37WGMHund Barbara S60wSUI2088327252069
38 Gut Raphael U16 SUI1834325231994
39 Ruffenach Alain S60 FRA1889323221877
40 Mattenberger Dominik U16 SUI1645322201938
41 Sanchez Hernandez Alvaro   ESP1754322201747
42 Jud Marc   SUI1806322201890
43 Schubert Mario   GER1893320191820
44 Portmann Daniel   SUI1952317151798
45IMDas Soham   IND23322.526232008
46 Butenandt Svenja U16wGER20622.525231893
47 Wagner Victoria  wGER18062.525221996
48 Sikorra Philipp   GER16972.522211783
49 Kassel Walter   AUT18582.522201829
50 Bossi Alessandro S60 ITA18932.522201845
51 Panos Giannis   GRE14732.519181853
52 Wenske Hardy S60 GER1731224211940
53 Marzec Witold S60 GER1696223211848
54 Bauer Matthias   GER1637223211839
55 Heron Andrew U16 LIE1667220181762
56 Sidler Raoul   SUI1711220181767
57 Tuor Elena S60wSUI1356217161686
58 Poell Joerg   SUI15681.522201906
59 Lipinsky Pierre U16 GER15741.519181788
60 Sauter Daniel S60 SUI16891.518171610
61 Kienboeck Benjamin U16 AUT2137123212110


Final rankings – Davos Chess Rising Open 2022:

Rk.NameTypsexFEDRtgIPts. TB1TB2TB3
1Depner Vadim U16 GER1407628261317
2Mueller Ladina  wSUI05.531281228
3Brisebard Florentin   FRA1389529261257
4Depner Michael  Dr.  GER15224.530271215
5Raffaele Luca U16 LIE12264.529271463
6De Luze Nicolas   SUI04.528261318
7Lipinsky Ferdinand U16 GER1049427241337
8Hetzer Margarete S60wGER1043421191128
9Gugler Giorgio   AUT14683.529271194
10Longerich Hans-Peter   GER1513325241181
11Adamova Alla U16wKGZ0324231120
12Kaufmann Tino U16 LIE0322201115
13Adamova Umai U16wKGZ02.525231025
14Roesch Elke  wGER02.522201207
15Odermatt Christoph S60 SUI1471224221201
16Lipinsky Basil U16 GER0219181077
17Adamova Sezim U16wKGZ0218161102
18Muratbek Uulu Azat   KGZ01.519181042
19Sosa Nesper Marcos Ivan   SUI1498121191017


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