Magnus Carlsen is World Chess Champion 2013!

Magnus Carlsen is World Chess Champion 2013

Magnus Carlsen is World Chess Champion 2013

Magnus Carlsen of Norway became the new World Chess Champion after defeating the previous champion Viswanathan Anand of India by 6,5-3,5 in the match that was held from 7th November 2013 in Chennai, India.

The last 10th game (out of 12 possible) finished in a draw, with which Carlsen accumulated the necessary 6,5 points to claim the title.

The 10th game started with the Sicilian defence. Anand attempted a sharper line with black, possibly Naidorf, but Carlsen stirred the play into quiet waters with an early trade of the light-squared bishops.

In the relatively stable pawn structure the players maneuvered the pieces until a careless queen move (28…Qg5) by Anand permitted a cute combination that would net a pawn for white. Carlsen continued correctly (29.e5), but then released the tension too quickly when 30.Nc3 would have piled the pressure. Anand was allowed to win the pawn back.

Expecting a draw offer, the press room was getting ready to meet the players. However, the fight continued beyond the first time control. In a knight + pawns endgame, new queens appeared on the board, one for each player, but the equilibrium was not ruined. Draw signed on move 65.

Magnus Carlsen got the needed half point to become World Chess Championship 2013. (more info to be added soon)

Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen!

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