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GM Pentala Harikrishna wins Nancy Chess Festival 2009

Harikrishna with 2758 performance


A fantastic 7,0/9 gave Pentala Harikrishna the title from the Nancy Chess Festival 2009. The Indian GM finished with 5 victories and 4 draws to grab the first place one point ahead of competition.

Second place was for GM Georg Meier, who did not lose any game, but made six draws to finish with 6,0/9. Third is GM Sebastien Feller with 5,5/9, the same points as GM Krasenkow, but better tiebreak.

The B tournament was won by Ninov and the C by Brethes, both players qualify for the A and B groups of the 2010 tournament.

A total of 19 round robins were played, here is a list of all the winners.

A : Harikrishna 7/9
B : Ninov 7,5/9 qualifies for A group 2010
C : Brethes 7/9 qualifies for B group 2010
D : Cordier and Marchal 6/9
E : Dubessay 6,5/9
F : Loiseau and Evrard 7/9
G : Acquart 8/9
H : Wonner, Mathieu, Walkowiac 6/9
I : Eid, A 7,5/9
J : Citterio 7,5/9
K : Denis, May, Thiebaux, Leprêtre 6/9
L : Nolot et Venard 6/9
M : François 7/9
N : Balland et Monnet 7,5/9
O : Dubuc 7,5/9
A’ Pouchon 5/7
B’ Oster 6/7
C’ Boyette 5,5/7
Junior tournament: Gehin S 6/6

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