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Carlsen vs Carlsen

update, Carlsen wins

Magnus Carlsen won the 6th round game against his father Henrik Carlsen. Here is the game.

Carlsen vs Carlsen story

No, this is not an April Fools joke. Behind the Arctic circle, where the Sun does not set these day, the young chess GM Magnus Carlsen will have a tough match. He will have to meet on the chessboard with… his father Henrik Carlsen. The game is from round 6 of the Arctic Chess Challenge, a swiss system competition with more than a hundred participants. Yet, the Carlsen family were paired together.

Magnus Carlsen

Magnus entered the Arctic Chess Challenge right after he won the title in Biel. He was obviously tired and in the first two rounds drew players that were 700 and 400 ELO points below him. When everybody thought he is recovering after a victory in round 5 against Ørnulf Stubberud, he drew his ex coach GM Simen Agdestein in round 6. Facing your coach and your father in a competition must be definitely tough for the young Magnus Carlsen, but he has proven many times that he is a fighter and has to do it one more time.

Henrik Carlsen

Henrik Carlsen has one draw and three victories until now and has the same points as Magnus, but all the points Henrik got were against non titled players. He lost from the only titled player he met on the board, FM Espen Lie. Tomorrow Henrik Carlsen will have the black figures in a game against the number one seeded GM Magnus Carlsen, his son.

Current standings after round 5

1. GM Bartlomiej Macieja 4.5
2. GM Kjetil A. Lie 4.5
3. GM Mikhail Gurevich 4.5
4. GM Alexander Moiseenko 4.0
5. GM Vugar Gashimov 4.0
6. GM Michail Brodsky 4.0
7. GM Simen Agdestein 4.0
8. GM Vladimir Epishin 4.0
9. GM Vladimir Burmakin 4.0
10. IM Jon Ludvig Hammer 4.0
11. GM Bartosz Socko 4.0
12. Joachim Thomassen 4.0
13. GM Victor Mikhalevski 4.0
14. Gunnar Berg Hanssen 4.0
15. Frode Bull Jæger 4.0
16. WIM Katarzyna Toma 3.5
17. FM Diego Suarez Pousa 3.5
18. GM Magnus Carlsen 3.5
19. Tobias Pettersson 3.5
20. Sondre Waage Tofte 3.5
21. Hans Olav Lahlum 3.5
22. Henrik Carlsen 3.5
23. FM Espen Lie 3.0
24. GM Antoaneta Stefanova 3.0
25. IM Gediminas Sarakauskas 3.0
26. IM Joanna Dworakowska 3.0
27. IM Venkatachalam Saravanan 3.0
28. FM Karsten Larsen 3.0
29. Brede Hagen 3.0

Out of more than a 100 participants.

Carlsen elista

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