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GM Wang Hao defeats GM Adly

both are leaders of the World Junior Chess Championship

Round 9 results

GM Wang Hao – GM Adly Ahmed 1 – 0
IM Grigoryan Avetik – GM Meier Georg ½ – ½
GM Negi Parimarjan – GM Popov Ivan ½ – ½
GM Laznicka Viktor – GM Andreikin Dmitry ½ – ½
GM Stellwagen Daniel – IM Rohit Gogineni ½ – ½

Wang Hao is on fire after the rest day of the World Junior Chess Championship in Yerevan, Armenia. After defeating IM Wesly So yesterday, today he managed to beat the current leader GM Adly. Thus, Wang Hao joined Adly on top of the table and both have 7,0/9.
However, they should not be calm at all with their position. The constant comebacks that followed the upsets from the first rounds produced a very dense chasing pack. GM Pashikian, IM Grigoryan, GM Meier, and GM Popov are with 6,5/9, while IM Gopal, IM Wesley So, GM Laznicka, GM Andreikin, GM Negi, IM Ragger, and IM Gupta are only a point behind with 6,0/9. Any of these talents can conquer the title in the remaining rounds.

Round 10 pairings

GM Meier Georg 2558 6½ – GM Wang Hao 2643 7
GM Adly Ahmed 2494 7 – GM Popov Ivan 2539 6½
IM Grigoryan Avetik 2489 6½ – GM Pashikian Arman 2534 6½
IM Ragger Markus 2528 6 – GM Laznicka Viktor 2610
GM Andreikin Dmitry 2555 6 – IM Gopal Geetha Narayanan 2520 6
IM So Wesley 2531 6 – IM Gupta Abhijeet 2470 6
GM Negi Parimarjan 2514 6 – GM Stellwagen Daniel 5½ 2639

Wang Hao

GM Wang Hao protagonizing an amazing comeback

Round 9 results girls

WIM Nebolsina Vera – WGM Vega Gutierrez Sabrina 1 – 0
WGM Karavade Eesha Sanjay – IM Harika Dronavalli 0 – 1
WGM Melia Salome – WFM Gasik Anna 1 – 0
WFM Hoolt Sarah – WGM Mongontuul Bathuyag 0 – 1
WGM Khotenashvili Bela – WGM Zawadzka Jolanta 0 – 1

In the girls section WIM Vera Nebosina sank WGM Vega Gutierrez in the top board encounter of the World Girls Chess Championship. Thus, the Russian player continues with the fantastic 8,0/9 points and the only danger for her is the top seeded Indian IM Dronavalli Harika. The difference is only half a point as Harika won against her countrymate WGM Karavade. In any case, WIM Nebolshina’s chances for title increase due to the fact that she already played her direct match with IM Harika (draw in round 7).
WGM Mongontuul, WGM Zawadzka, and WGM Melia still keep their hopes with 6,5/9, but only in case Nebolshina does not score twice in a row in the next rounds.

Round 10 pairing girls

WGM Zawadzka Jolanta 2371 6½ – WIM Nebolsina Vera 2349 8
IM Harika Dronavalli 2480 7½ – WGM Mongontuul Bathuyag 2389 6½

IM Tairova Elena 2391 6 – WGM Melia Salome 2364 6½
WGM Arutyunova Diana 2256 6 – WGM Karavade Eesha Sanjay 2331 6
WGM Vega Gutierrez Sabrina 2331 6 – WFM Gasik Anna 2191 6

Vera Nebolsina

WIM Vera Nebolsina continues undefeated

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