Plichta’s French Defense

If you’re looking to master your openings with flare, FIDE Master Kamil Plichta is the perfect instructor for you. “The Polish Powerhouse” is an opening theoretician and blitz specialist. No matter what the opening, it seems FM Plichta can come up with original, aggressive lines that are sure to challenge opponents with ferocious piece activity and square control.

Kamil Plichta brings his new Chessable course – Lifetime Repertoires: Plichta’s French Defense. For ages, 1.e4 players have dreaded facing the solid French Defense. And with the lines in Lifetime Repertoires: Plichta’s French Defense, they should now more than ever! Inspired by the games of cutting-edge engines finding extraordinarily powerful lines in the French, FM Plichta – a master opening theoretician and blitz chess powerhouse – built the repertoire before you. And it unites the tried-and-true practices of traditional French play with novel, dynamic continuations to put White through the wringer in the 2020s and beyond.

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So what sets this repertoire apart from other French repertoires? Here’s a brief overview of how you’ll be driving White into madness:

The most combative Classical Variation you’ll find. Against the popular 3.Nc3, you’ll play 3…Nf6 in classical fashion. Against 4.Bg5, Plichta offers you a choice between the solid Burn Variation (4…dxe4) and the dynamic and aggressive McCutcheon Variation (4…Bb4)…with some powerful adjustments!

Open warfare in the Tarrasch Variation (3.Nd2). Long considered to be a challenging variation, it won’t be much longer! Plichta’s novelties in the Open Tarrasch (3…c5) will radically change White’s calculus with a surprising innovation in the offbeat …Qd7 retreat

Collapse the King’s Indian Attack. Knowing it very well from the White side, FM Plichta shows you how to take White’s best piece out of the game, and turn their queenside pawn structure into Swiss cheese by pushing your a-pawn “all the way to a0”

Outclass the Exchange (3.exd5). Trick White into taking your beautiful d6 bishop and ruin your pawn structure…in return for a positional chokehold that’ll drive White crazy

Give White no chance in the Advance (3. e5). FM Plichta shows you an efficient way to demolish White’s central pawn grip…While avoiding any weaknesses in yours

Fry every sideline. You’ll have a tough, no-nonsense response against every reasonable sideline from move 2 in your quiver…from the Wing Gambit to the Orthoschnapp Gambit.

FM Plichta, one of the most popular authors on Chessable, is also one of the most thorough. His dedication to finding practical, high-scoring lines is perhaps unparalleled – something that’s evident in his engaging video presentations.

At over 700 lines and 100,000 words of explanation, this is your ultimate resource to playing the French in the 21st Century…and with the power inside, it may just last you until the 22nd!

Plichta’s French Defense can be yours today here

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