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Ray Robson after beating Hans Niemann: It was a very complicated game and I was a little bit worried

Ray Robson defeated Hans Niemann in the sixth round of the US Chess Championship to score 3.5/6 points in the event. The 19-year-old overestimated his attacking chances choosing a very aggressive 25.f4-26.f5-27.f6 advance, but Robson found a beautiful way to refuse Niemann’s attack on the kingside with 27…Bf6! (Replay the game here)

In the post-game interview, Ray explained he was low on time and got a little bit worried as the position got very complicated: “I feel pretty good. It was a very complicated game and I didn’t have that much time, so I was a little bit worried. But somehow, in the end of the game, things went very well for me“. Robson added that Hans surprised him with the opening choice as he went for a rare 3.Bf4: “He played this 3.Bf4 which is a funny move. I think Magnus played it against Wesley once and he was basically the first person to do it“. Ray added that the move was played at the recently concluded European Club Cup, but he forgot to check the line as he didn’t expect it. See the complete interview within Day 6 live video coverage below

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