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Stockfish leads TCEC S22 Premier Division at halftime

Stockfish, the strongest open source chess engine and current reigning champion of TCEC, leads the Premier Division of the Top Chess Engine Championship. After round 28, Stockfish has 19,5/28 (11 wins, 17 draws) and is clear first. Second position is for Komodo with 18,5/28 (10 wins, 1 loss, 17 draws), while Lc0 is third with 17,5/28 (8 wins, 1 loss, 19 draws).

TCEC S22 Premier Division standings

  1. Stockfish 19,5/28; 2. Komodo 18,5; 3. Lc0 17,5; 4. RofChade 12,5; 5. SlowChess 12,0; 6. Stoofvlees 11,5; 7. ScorpioNN 11,0; 8. Igel 9,5 (full crosstable here)

The Premier Division of the Top Chess Engine Championship is a 4x DRR event and the top two engines advance to the Superfinal. Komodo showed superb improvement over previous seasons and dominated the first 20 rounds. It was only then when Stockfish managed to stop it. In a Ruy Lopez game of round 21, Stockfish defeated Komodo with white and later took over the standings (replay Stockfish – Komodo 1:0). In the return game it seemed to know the way to the draw (replay Komodo – Stockfish 1/2:1/2)

Curious: In each pair of games Stockfish won with white and achieved a draw with black against rofChade, Stoofvlees, SlowChess, ScorpioNN, and Igel. Stockfish continues to be the only undefeated engine in the Premier Division

Komodo and Lc0 in a fight for the second Superfinal spot, Stockfish not safe yet

We are used to seeing Lc0 in the Superfinal of TCEC. Actually, we are so used to seeing it, that we tend to forget that it missed the TCEC S16 Superfinal, where AllieStein qualified.

Lc0 has participated in the Season 14, Season 15, Season 17, Season 18, Season 19, Season 20, and Season 21 Superfinals. Now for the first time since S16 it has a real challenged for the qualification spot – Komodo.

Komodo started the Premier Division with very strong display, scoring win after win. The aggressive play and substantial playing strength increase made the audience question whether the actual fight for the qualification spot is Stockfish vs Lc0. The loss against Stockfish knocked out Komodo from the first position. However, if it manages to keep up the aggressive play in the second half of the Premier Division, we can see a three way fight for the Superfinal.

RofChade – the revelation of the season

Many expected the new version of Berserk to be the revelation of TCEC S22. Others predicted the new mighty Koivisto could be the one. But RofChade proved everyone wrong and is currently going steady 4th in the Premier Division. Those following TCEC closely know that 4th here feels like gold in the presence of the other three giants.

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