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Vitaliy Bernadskiy wins 1st Grandiscacchi Challenge Open

The 1st Grandiscacchi Challenge Open 2022 was the second event of the Italian Summer Chess tour, taking place from 21-27 May in Montebelluna.

Twenty players from 11 countries participated the event, including 7 grandmasters. After 9 played rounds, the two top seeds Vitaliy Bernadskiy and Andrey Esipenko tied for the top scoring 7/9 points. Tie-break criteria was in favor of Ukrainian grandmasters who clinched the first place. Andrey Esipenko came second, while three players tied for third position: GM Eltaj Safarli, GM Baadur Jobava and IM Yair Parkhov. Additional criteria favored Safarli who claimed third place on the final rankings.

The next event of the Italian Summer Chess Tour will be Grandiscacchi Rapid and Blitz Chess Tournaments 2022 taking place from 28-29 May. All information about the Italian Summer Chess Tour and its events here

Final rankings – 1st Grandiscacchi Challenge Open 2022:

Rk. NamesexGrFEDRtgIPts. TB1TB2wwe
1GMBernadskiy Vitaliy   UKR2636746.0250076.1
2GMEsipenko Andrey   FID2709745.5247077
3GMSafarli Eltaj   AZE26005.545.5245155.4
4GMJobava Baadur   GEO26005.544.5244555.5
5IMParkhov Yair   ISR24605.541239565.2
6GMPantsulaia Levan   GEO2587547.5248355
7IMCan Isik   TUR2423543244253.8
8FMMartinovici Ilia   MDA2408542.5239254.3
9FMMohamed Anees M   IND2209533230153.3
10IMRahul Srivatshav P   IND24584.547.5250153.5
11FMSiddharth Jagadeesh   SGP23934.545.5246353.7
12GMKorneev Oleg   ESP25214.542.5240555.8
13IMSouhardo Basak   IND23574.534.5229344.5
14WIMHarshita Guddanti w IND2208438.5235742.9
15FMTarhan Adar   TUR2225433228143.7
16WGMVarshini V w IND2126336226532.9
17IMShahil Dey   IND2369336226034.7
18GMJarmula Lukasz   POL2459240236123.7
19 Ojas Kulkarni   IND2235232228522.5
20 Ishvi Aggarwal w IND17090.536.5228410.3

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