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Yearbook opening news: A strange, dubious, risky and creative line in the Sicilian

yearbookRapid games are great for opening news. ‘Grandmasters often prepare unusual opening schemes’, writes Alexey Kuzmin in New In Chess Yearbook 112 that was published this week. ‘Sometimes strange, sometimes dubious, often risky, but frequently concealed in them are pearls of creative searching. It is like an exhibition of avant-garde paintings.’

Kuzmin, who is a regular columnist for the Yearbook, has analysed two games of Alexander Morozevich. In Dubai this summer Morozevich beat both Judit Polgar and Yu Yangi with 2.b3 in the Sicilian. To see the complete games, you can get a FREE download of the complete Yearbook-chapter by Kuzmin.


Yearbook 112, the Chess Player’s Guide to Opening News, has lots of opening news

  • Does Caruana’s piece sac against Svidler put an end to 9…b5 in the Taimanov?
  • What’s so weird about Agdestein’s Steinitz French?
  • Is the Cunningham Defence alive again?
  • Can Black still grab the d5-pawn in the Petrosian Variation of the QI?
  • Why has Joel Benjamin never played the Velimirovic Attack?
  • What’s Baadur Jobava’s new opening?
  • Who plays a move like 6.Qd3 against the Najdorf?
  • How does Adorjan save a tempo in the Scheveningen?
  • How good is George Brunton Fraser’s piece sacrifice in the Ponziani?
  • Can Black permit himself to play his rook to a7 in the Chebanenko Slav?
  • Is Rubinstein’s 5.e4 the perfect counterweapon against the Blumenfeld Gambit?


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