Belgian Individual Championship LIVE!

Belgian Individual Men Chess Championship 2014 is taking place from 5th to 13th July, 2014, at the Hotel Charleroi Airport in the city of Charleroi, the fifth most populous city in Belgium.

The event is a 10 player round-robin, valid for FIDE rating and norms.

The list of participants includes the highest rated Belgian player GM MALAKHATKO Vadim 2560, IM HOVHANNISYAN Mher 2513, last year’s champion IM RINGOIR Tanguy 2506, GM DGEBUADZE Alexandre 2487, IM GEIRNAERT Steven 2419, IM SOORS Stef 2391, IM VAN DER STRICHT Geert 2350, FM SADIKHOV Ulvi 2335, FM BEUKEMA Stefan 2305 and FM LE QUANG Kim 2288.

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