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Defenchess wins TCEC Division 4

TCEC Season 11 logo by Santiago Mendez

TCEC Season 11 logo by Santiago Mendez

Defenchess, the brand new engine by Can Cetin and Dogac Eldenk, is the winner of division 4 of the Top Chess Engine Championship. It collected a full point more than the closest opposition and finished undefeated with six wins and eight draws. Defenchess was released in September 2017 and now advances to the higher division of TCEC.

TCEC official website / Season 11 division system / Full list of participants / TCEC facebook page / TCEC Twitch TV channel

Four more engines qualified for the next division – Senpai, Pedone, Ethereal, and ChessBrainVB. Senpai collected 9,0/14, taking the silver medals in the division, conceding only one loss altogether.

Pedone was third with 8,0/14, but was close to disqualification as it crashed twice during its games. According to the new 3 strikes rules, “if an engine crashes 3 times in a division it is relegated.” In an exciting finale, Pedone managed to complete the game and even qualify for next division, where it will be updated.

Fourth position was for Ethereal with 7,5/14. With the same points is ChessBrainVB, which also qualifies as the “lucky loser” and substitutes Fruit in the upper division.

Fritz debut

TCEC Division 3 is already underway. Fritz successfully started its first ever TCEC participation, winning game 1 vs ChessBrainVB (replay the game here). Follow the games live at the official website

TCEC Season 11 Div 4 standings

1. Defenchess 10,0/14
2. Senpai 9,0/14
3. Pedone 8,0/14
4. Ethereal 7,5/14
5. ChessBrainVB 7,5/14
6. Toga 7,0/14
7. The Baron 4,0/14
8. Scorpio 3,0/14

Full division information

Game of the Division 4

A crazy Rook endgame in 4th Division of Season 11. If White (Senpai) takes Black’s (Pedone) rook then the game ends in a draw because of stalemate.

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