No short draws rule at the ETCC 2007

captains meeting and round 1 pairings

After all teams have settled in the beautiful 5 star Creta Maris Hotel, the captains’ meeting took place at 22:00 local in the “Aphrodita” hall. This was the usual procedure of arbiter’s introduction, regulations reading, filling forms with board order and Q & A session.

Besides the already announced playing schedule, every day at 11:00 local time (CET+1) the team compositions for the upcoming round will be published online. Pairing for the following rounds will be posted every evening at 23:00.

One of the most interesting rules will be application of new FIDE article that says “prearranged results are not allowed”. This means that no match can finish in several minutes,as it has happened at several Olympiads. Yet, it is not as strict as the Sofia rule. Short draws can happen between players.
The rule was first applied at the Club Cup in Kemer a month ago and there were no incidents. The chief arbiter of the ETCC shared that he does not expect any problems either, but the rule is there just in case.

Update: ECU statement

After the meeting last night the ECU issued a note, stating, “If any team will withdraw after the publishing of pairings, the announced pairings will not be changed and the opponents of missing teams are awarded 2 match points and 4 game points without play.” The announcement is signed by B. Kutin (ECU President), W. Stubenvoll (ECU Tournament Director), S. Logothetis (ETCC 2007 Tournament Director), and P. Nikolopoulos (ETCC 2007 Chief Arbiter).

Round 1 pairings, men

Russia – Sweden

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Ukraine

Azerbaidjan – Turkey

Romania – Armenia

Bulgaria – Lithuania

FYROM – France

Spain – Norway

Switzerland – Israel

Netherlands – Italy

Montenegro – Poland

Georgia – Iceland

Austria – Hungary

Czech – Estonia

Finland – Serbia

Germany – Belgium

Scotland – England

Greece – Luxembourg

Wales – Croatia

Slovenia – Monaco

Cyprus – Denmark

Round 1 pairings, women

Russia – Israel

Lithuania – Georgia

Ukraine – Azerbaijan

Czech – France

Hungary – Turkey

England – Poland

Germany – Croatia

Switzerland – Netherlands

Serbia – Austria

Sweden – Armenia

Slovenia – Estonia

Montenegro – Romania

Greece 1 – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Finland – Bulgaria

Spain – Greece 2

ETCC 2007 Captain Meeting 05
ETCC 2007 Captain Meeting
ETCC 2007 Captain Meeting 02
ETCC 2007 Captain Meeting 03
ETCC 2007 Captain Meeting 04

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