Kings Island Open 2017

The 26th annual Kings Island Open was held from 10-12th November at the Embassy Suites Cincinnati Northeast in Blue Ash, Ohio, USA.

The event had 7 sections: Open, Under 2100, Under 1900, Under 1700, Under 1500, Under 1250 and Under 1000. All sections were played over five rounds of Swiss system, with the time control 40/110, SD/30, d10.

The FIDE rated Open section had 61 participants. Six players shared the first place on 4,0/5 points to earn 840 USD each.

Open section final standings:
1-6. GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez 2585 MO, GM Elshan Moradiabadi 2592 NC, GM Alexander Shabalov 2619 PA, Mika A Brattain 2516 OH, William J Sedlar 2373 OH and Joshua Gerald Posthuma 2309 MI – 4.0
7-15. FM Ben Li 2426 MI, Gopal Menon 2351 IL, Scott L Ramer 2317 OH, FM Maggie Feng 2353 OH, FM Aristo S Liu 2235 OH, FM Mauro Ampie 2436 IL, Mark Eidemiller 2292 PA, Vincent J Baker 2265 OH and Forest Chen 2238 TN – 3.5

The total prize fund was $30,000, based on 350 paid entries, with $21,000 minimum guaranteed.

Embassy Suites Cincinnati Northeast

Embassy Suites Cincinnati Northeast

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