Alexander Shabalov with crushing victory in United States Open Chess Championship

Grandmaster Alexander Shabalov walked through the 116th Annual U.S. Open Chess Championship to convincingly win the event with 8,5/9 points, leaving the nearest followers a full point behind.

Shabalov scored eight consecutive wins from the start of the event and allowed only one draw in the last round against GM Illia Nyzhnyk. This is Shabalov’s third U.S. Open title and he also had three times shared first place.

The 116th United States Open Chess Championship took place from 1-9th August at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona with 491 players competing in single section.

The prize fund was $50,000 based on 500 paid entries, else proportional, with $40,000 guaranteed.

Alexander Shabalov

Alexander Shabalov (photo still Vimeo)

Final standings:

1. GM Shabalov Alexander PA 2600 – 8.5

2-9. GM Nyzhnyk Illia MO 2725, GM Ramirez Alejandro TX 2670, GM Macieja Bartlomiej TX 2634, IM Gorovets Andrey TX 2617, GM Holt Conrad KS 2615, GM Molner Mackenzie S NJ 2592, GM Barcenilla Rogelio P Jr AZ 2587 and GM Diamant Andre 2536 – 7.5

10-20. GM Lenderman Aleksandr NY 2728, GM Stukopin Andrey TX 2682, GM Chirila Ioan Cristian CA 2616, Wu Christopher NJ 2429, FM Atoufi Pedram AZ 2368, FM Feng Roland WA 2365, Haskel Jeffrey FL 2355, Colas Joshua NY 2350, Toolin Christopher J TX 2328, Rosenthal Nicholas FL 2162 and Hoang Truman FL 2088 – 7.0

21-44. IM Bryant John Daniel CA 2514, FM Banawa Joel AZ 2496, FM Homa Seth MI 2486, FM Rosen Eric S IL 2481, FM Kavutskiy Konstantin CA 2434, Chakraborty Dipro AZ 2343, FM Langer Michael TX 2288, Mousseri Daniel Youseff CA 2285, Hendrickson Nolan WI 2284, FM Thompson Ian D 2276, Hong Andrew Zhang CA 2257, Creger V Leo C CA 2227, Hernandez-Camen Angel PA 2220, Bloomer Josh S CO 2214, Haessler Carl A OR 2209, Andersen Gunnar J CO 2203, Lower Spencer R AZ 2201, Acosta Mariano A IL 2200, Dejmek Mark W TX 2181, Wang Xiexin AZ 2167, Lebovitz Andrew Evan AZ 2157, Peterson Chris CO 2125, Changolkar Srisa PA 2086 and Quercia Dylan CA 2002 – 6.5 etc

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