Multi-live chess broadcast day on Chessdom

chessdomToday is a milti-live broadcast day on Four events coincide this afternoon with live coverage and computer analysis.

Biel Chess 2013 – after 13:00 CET
Dortmund Chess 2013 – after 14:00 CET
100th British Chess Championship – from 15:30 CET
DSK Invitational – from 16:00 CET


The wave of invitational events in the end of July is caused by the proximity of the World Chess Cup 2013 that will dominate the month of August.

Multi-Master day at Chessdom Arena

Yesterday Chessdom Arena users had a chance to play with GM Avetik Grigoryan (see account, rating, games) and GM Hrair Simonian (see account, rating, games)

Today is also Chessdom Arena 1+0 and 3+1 day where titled players (GMs, IMs, FMs) will play games at these controls all day long with everyone, independent on rating or experience levels. All you need is a free account, sign up here.

Later tonight a full schedule will be announced at the “Play with a Master” section, stay tuned for updates.

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