Paulson, Ilyumzhinov about Madrid Grand Prix

FIDE correspondent Teimur Tushiev interviewed FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and AGON founder Andrew Paulson during the Candidates Tournament in London.

One of the common questions was the destiny of the FIDE Grand Prix series.

Andrew Paulson said: “I really wanted to have the first FIDE Grand Prix of the year in Lisbon but the organizers were having financial problems. At the same time sponsors from Zug entered the picture and we moved this event to Switzerland.”

“But the same thing happened last year. As you know, the first Grand Prix was supposed to take place in Chelyabinsk, but because of the conflict with the Russian Chess Federation we relocated the event to London.”

“I think that the most important point with regard to the FIDE Grand Prix is ​​to maintain the schedule and announced dates, so that the players can plan their training and preparation.”

“As for the uncertainty around the Grand Prix in Madrid, at the present time FIDE is negotiating on this issue. So the question of Spain is still open.”

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said: “We are currently in negotiations in this direction, but the tournament should take place as scheduled. The sponsors haven’t transferred the funds yet, but we expect that it will happen soon.”

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