TCEC participants list confirmed

TCEC2The new Season of TCEC starts August 26th with the established exciting format from Season 1 and a brand new dedicated live games page.

The participants list of the new season has been confirmed and the world’s best chess engines are going to enter the competition, making it possibly one of the most disputed computer chess races ever.

The final stage participants from last season are all going to enter the new TCEC season, including the grand champion Houdini 3, the new version of the super finalist Stockfish 4, the latest dev version of Komodo, and Rybka 4.1. One of the interesting newcomers is Bouquet, it substitutes Vitruvius. Here is the full list of the participants.

TCEC participants

(alphabetical order)

Alfil 13.1
Arasan 16
Arminius 100813 (latest dev version)
Bouquet 1.8 (latest dev version)
Bugchess2 1.9
Crafty 23.6
Critter 1.6a
Delphil 3
Equinox 2b (latest dev version)
Exchess 7.15b (latest dev version)
Firefly 2.6
Gaviota 0.87a8 (latest dev version)
Gull 2.2
Hamsters 0.71
Hannibal 220813 (latest dev version)
Hiarcs 14
Houdini 3
Jonny 6 (participated in ICGA Yokohama)
Junior 13.3
Komodo 1063 (latest dev version)
Minkochess 1.3
Naum 4.2
Nebula 2
Octochess 5172 (latest dev version)
Onno 1.27
Redqueen 1.14
Rybka 4.1
Scorpio 2.76
Shredder 12
Sjeng WC2008
Spark 1
Spike 1.4
Stockfish 4
The Baron 3.35a (latest dev version)
Toga II 280513 (latest dev version)
Tornado 4.88

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