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1st “Mikis Theodorakis” international chess tournament in Chania

The 1st “Mikis Theodorakis” international chess tournament kicked off today in Chania, a city on the northwest coast of the Greek island of Crete.

The event takes place from April 25 to May 1 and it will be played in 9 rounds, Swiss system. 73 players from 11 countries take part in the event fighting for the total prize fund of 2.600 euros.

Starting rank list of players:

1GMPetrov Martin 2911086BUL2556
2GMMastrovasilis Athanasios 4201990GRE2540
3IMAlexakis Dimitris 4277023GRE2484
4IMBogdanov Egor 14119137UKR2426
5IMLarkin Vladyslav 14152894UKR2424
6IMLeenhouts Koen 1008439NED2417
7 Naoum Spyridon 4227506GRE2301
8FMErgazakis Ioannis 4290976GRE2255
9 Georgakopoulos Nikolaos K. 4283430GRE2206
10 Alexakis Georgios 4255038GRE2195
11 Poysti Nathanael 24622133GER2190
12 Marinakis Hristos 4294661GRE2129
13 Luyckx Wim 201570BEL2119
14 Alexakis Dimitrios 4200527GRE2084
15 Tulchynskyi Feliks 34127895UKR2068
16 Verikakis Manolis 4211901GRE2042
17 Petrakis Stylianos 4252764GRE2036
18 Gijsen William 1053361NED2022
19 Bozanis Dimitrios 4237390GRE2013
20WFMKoridze Lile 13612514GEO2010
21 Pelantakis Mihail 4294718GRE1952
22 Georgoulias Dionisios 4207920GRE1876
23 Antonioudakis Georgios 25845390GRE1864
24 Amiridou Dimitra 4218230GRE1856
25 Deli Eleanna Ratzvika 4206770GRE1795
26 Berketis Angelos 4266579GRE1776
27 Bebis Epaminondas-Alexandros 4262930GRE1733
28 Pagkalos Vasileios 42142458GRE1722
29 Soukarie Zorz 25857959GRE1678
30 Le Pen Michel 656330FRA1672
31 Markaki Sofia 4248848GRE1664
32 Apostolou Nikolaos 4257430GRE1636
33 Kotsoglou Georgios 4286049GRE1621
34 Arvanitakis Panagiotis 4225651GRE1521
35 Kavounis Giorgos 4299353GRE1510
36 Pineau Gabriel 26054345FRA1510
37 Chasouraki Chrysi 25861123GRE1501
38 Platsaki Evgenia Valeria 25881442GRE1451
39 Stralis Georgios 25886444GRE1450
40 Thomakis Nikolaos 4248996GRE1442
41 Karavitaki Antonia 25820125GRE1434
42 Konstantinides Savvas 5908639CYP1403
43 Kaliontzaki Argyro Evanthia 25818350GRE1386
44 Mitzas Dimitris 25804502GRE1376
45 Advik Srinivasan 33397848IND1372
46 Trivella Maria 4263359GRE1260
47 Benakis Ioannis 25858360GRE1255
48 Fraidakis Emmanouil 25835181GRE1232
49 Skaraki Georgia 25861190GRE1222
50 Gkogkas Panteleimon 25889044GRE1218
51 Rizos Dimitrios 42106036GRE1209
52 Tzatzimakis Theodoros 42105994GRE1205
53 Psarianou Eleni 25882392GRE1188
54 Spyridakis Georgios 25882350GRE1183
55 Latos Dimitrios 42105951GRE1102
56 Kleovoulou Sofia 25861158GRE1095
57 Schetakis Georgios 42106028GRE1095
58 Skarakis Stavros 25882368GRE1095
59 Nteneketzis Paraskevas 42137985GRE1094
60 Kontadakis Daniil 25861476GRE1071
61 Tsafaraki Aikaterini 42129699GRE1063
62 Daskalakis Stefanos-Solon 25864246GRE1057
63 Kleovoulou Sofoklis  GRE1205
64 Alexakis Aleksandros 25805150GRE0
65 Kalligeris Ioannis 42148553GRE0
66 Kastrinakis Antonios 42129710GRE0
67 Koutsouridakis Emmanouil  GRE0
68 Luu Dave  USA0
69 Ouzounstefanis Ioannis  GRE0
70 Pariotakis Georgios 42129729GRE0
71 Psentelis Panagiotis 42141230GRE0
72 Sivaropoulos Georgios 25856367GRE0
73 Tzanakis Emmanouil 25881949GRE0

The 1st international chess tournament “Mikis Theorodakis” is organized by the Chess Academy of Chania in collaboration with the Municipality of Chania in honor of Mikis Theodorakis – a Greek composer and lyricist credited with over 1000 works and in honor of his place of origin. A number of parallel events will accompany the tournament: music concerts, photo exhibitions from Mikis Theodorakis’s life and activities, traditional dances, and film screenings. The venue of the event is the Grand Arsenal – KAM in the Venetian port of Chania.

Official website of the tournament

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