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9th Cherry Blossom Classic

The 9th edition of the Cherry Blossom Classic will take place from 26-30 May at Washington Dulles Airport Marriott in Virginia.
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The event will feature 6 tournaments: Open tournament, U2300, U2000, U1700, U1400 and U1100. Most of the events will be played in 9 rounds, swiss system, with time control of 90 minutes for the whole game + 30 seconds increment. 47 players from 9 countries already registered for the main Open event and the battlefield is currently led by: GM Aleksandr Lenderman, GM Hedinn Steingrimsson, GM Joshua Daniel Ruiz Castillo.

Current starting list of participants:

No. NameFEDRtg
1GMLenderman Aleksandr USA2591
2GMSteingrimsson Hedinn ISL2534
3GMRuiz Castillo Joshua Daniel COL2473
4GMHevia Alejano Carlos Antonio CUB2460
5IMLiang Jason USA2432
6IMBartell Thomas USA2361
7IMChiku-Ratte Olivier-Kenta CAN2358
8IMSinha Sahil USA2323
9 Chiu Isaac USA2245
10FMPaul Justin USA2244
11FMMorefield Jason USA2242
12IMZlotnikov Mikhail USA2194
13 Sriniaiyer Sudarshan USA2181
14 Luo Terry USA2168
15 Tahmassebi Bijan USA2168
16FMSamuelson Andrew USA2164
17 Garcia Erick USA2153
18 Ansh M Shah IND2130
19 Lee Justin USA2115
20 Prabhu Naveen USA2099
21CMAltman Joshua ENG2095
22 Girsh Daniel USA2076
23 Brady Tyson USA2064
24 Jian Alex USA2055
25 Su Kevin USA2036
26 Kurtz Eric M USA2023
27 Prem Pranav USA2017
28 Ling Evan USA2009
29 Su Jasmine Zhixin USA1984
30WIMWang Ellen USA1963
31 Wu William USA1963
32 Doraszelski Alexander GER1887
33 Jegan Alan USA1883
34 Hyland Mark USA1875
35 Raparthi Ankit USA1831
36 Nair Siddhant USA1820
37 Pang Brian USA1818
38 De Fotis Gary USA1810
39 Pillai Adithya USA1771
40 Shankar Pranav USA1756
41 Hebbar Eshaan USA1742
42 Feng Andrew USA1741
43 Patel Arav USA1711
44 Haldankar Ameya USA1687
45 Baim Elvin AZE1655
46 Didita George Vic USA2009
47 BEHRENDS Josef USA1319

Featured photo by: Paul Swaney; Official website

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