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Accelerate Your Chess with Ginger GM

More by GM Simon Williams: The Iron English – Botvinnik Variation / The Hippopotamus Defence

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels — spending hours on training with very little to show for it? Worse, still, do you keep sliding back down the rating ladder because of losing streaks and plateaus? If so, then Accelerate Your Chess is the rocket fuel you need for your next breakthrough.

Inside, you’ll be treated to over 14 hours of instruction by Grandmaster Simon Williams aka Ginger GM — a former British Blitz Champion turned prolific chess author and instructor. Williams carved a reputation for helping busy players reach their peak performance even with their limited time — and Accelerate Your Chess lives up to the expectations.

Get your copy of Accelerate Your Chess here (with discount introductory offer for the next week)

Williams shows you how to copy the ideas of your chess heroes, and master the skills that matter. You will learn to:

? Evaluate positions and develop a winning strategy… by comparing the pieces and pawns of both sides. Plus, the “default” plan you should follow when the best continuation isn’t clear.

? Streamline your thought process and calculation… making sure your time and energy are spent on ideas that move the needle to your favor.

? Force wins with forcing moves. You’ll also pick up “rules of thumb” when to start looking for these hidden wins.

? Keep your cool in the midst of chaos… so you can find the shocking sacrifice which secures you the winning advantage.

? Build your intuition… using a starter kit of strategic and tactical patterns. From reviving a “dead” bishop, h-file attacks that are impossible to stop, to championship-level knight forks.

? Nip the opponent’s plans in the bud… and maintain control through prophylaxis. This alone can secure you the victory against impatient players who always try to “make things happen.”

? And finally, you’ll learn about the three rules for squeezing wins from the tiniest of advantages. Grandmasters love this “zero-risk” approach to winning, and soon you will, too!

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