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English: Botvinnik Variation – by GM Simon Williams

This course sounds like the perfect chess instructional advice for heavy metal fans – The Iron English: Botvinnik Variation. Fear of the dark? Fear not, as GM Simon Williams will guide you through the depths of the Botvinnik Variation. You only need 7 moves to turn your position into an armor-plated battleship ready for war.

The opening strategy is simple. First, we build a stronghold of pawns on c4, d3, and e4. Next, we station our knights on c3 and e2 to support our center. And finally, we fianchetto our bishop to g2 to boost our battleship’s firepower. This setup arms you with many aggressive strategies you’ll enjoy playing.

Inside the course, you will learn how to:

? Cramp the King’s Indian Defense with Freddie the f-pawn
? Steamroll the kingside with an unstoppable pawn storm
? Seize the light-squares and lock the opponent down
? Squash Black by playing on all sides of the board
? And many more!

With over 700 trainable lines and hours of video-sync instructionThe Iron English covers just about everything Black can throw your way.

Get your copy of the The Iron English: Botvinnik Variation here

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