Chess News rectifies, changes title of the event from World Championship to Global Championship

After global (no pun intended) pressure from the chess community, rectified and changed the title of their new event from World Championship to Global Championship. On Twitter with a short video titled “global > world” IM Danny Rensch tries to downplay the seriousness of the situation by taking a humorous approach mirroring the creative criticism of the event (see Danny Gormally, the Cheffable world champignonship, the reaction of Lichess, the post of MrDodgy , and more). IM Rensch does not admit in any part of the video that he understands that the use of World Championship for an event may deschmalue the World Champion title. At Chessdom we hope that’s failed attempt to use World Championship in a non-FIDE event will be a good example and deterrent for future such attempts.

FIDE still silent, avoids questions

Seven days after the new world championship , there is no official reaction by FIDE. Even after the change of the name from world to global, such a reaction is necessary. FIDE might be in a difficult position having lost the Russian sponsors and relying on finances from the Scheinberg family and, but as an organization FIDE is obliged to show strong values even in difficult times.

The questions sent to IM Danny Rensch by Chessdom for an interview and statement on the case earlier this week remain without an answer.

All this has just sparked more humor on the internet

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