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FIDE Candidates Chess Tournament 2022 – R10 preview

After nine played rounds at the 2022 FIDE Candidates Chess Tournament, Ian Nepomniachtchi maintained the sole lead with 6.5 points and a full point advantage over Fabiano Caruana who is second with 5.5 points. Hikaru Nakamura and Ding Liren tie for third place with 4.5 points, each, and seems that no one can disturb Nepo’s first position. After yesterday’s free day, the event continues today at 15:00 CEST with the 10th round. Round 10 pairings: Richard Rapport – Ding Liren / Jan-Krzysztof Duda – Fabiano Caruana / Ian Nepomniachtchi – Teimour Radjabov / Hikaru Nakamura – Alireza Firouzja

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R9 FIDE Candidates; Photo by: FIDE/Stev Bonhage

Richard Rapport – Ding Liren, R10 Candidates Chess 2022

Ding Liren had a slow start at the Candidates, but with his first candidates victory in R9, he leaped to the third position. Richard Rapport meanwhile suffered a loss against Alireza Firouzja, and this is his second lost game at the event. Considering Rapport’s decision not to prepare for the games anymore, it will be interesting to see how the game opens. Their encounter of the third round ended in a draw.

Replay the game – Ding Liren – Richard Rapport 1/2-1/2, R3 Candidates Chess 2022

Jan-Krzysztof Duda – Fabiano Caruana, R10 Candidates Chess 2022

Jan-Krzysztof Duda for sure doesn’t find it easy to play in the Candidates. Round after round, he has tough games and currently holds the last 8th position on the rankings with 3 points. After R9 loss against Ding Liren, Duda now meets Fabiano Caruana who’s looking for a full point and getting closer to Nepomniachtchi. Their game of the Candidates third round ended in a draw with Fabiano having Whites.

Replay the game – Fabiano Caruana – Jan-Krzysztof Duda 1/2-1/2, R3 Candidates Chess 2022

Ian Nepomniachtchi – Teimour Radjabov, R10 Candidates Chess 2022

The sole leader of the event – Ian Nepomniachtchi today faces Teimour Radjabov who has won his first classical game after almost three years in the 9th round of FIDE Candidates. It was no one else, but Hikaru Nakamura opposing him. May Radjabov go for a winning strike and put Nepo’s first place in danger is about to be seen soon. According to statisticians, chances are small, but still on the table. Their R3 game ended in an uneventful draw after quick trades of most of the pieces.

Replay the game – Teimour Radjabov – Ian Nepomniachtchi 1/2-1/2, R3 Candidates Chess 2022

Hikaru Nakamura – Alireza Firouzja, R10 Candidates Chess 2022

And while Firouzja two days ago got his first-ever victory in the Candidates Tournament (and second classical otb victory in 2022), Nakamura lost against Radjabov. Both Hikaru and Firouzja basically lost their chances for the winner’s title, so they are free from any kind of pressure till the end of the tournament. Their third-round encounter was ended in a peaceful manner.

Replay the game – Alireza Firouzja – Hikaru Nakamura 1/2-1/2, R3 Candidates Chess 2022

Featured photo: FIDE/Stev Bonhage

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