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Hjorvar Steinn Gretarsson defends the title of Icelandic Champion

The Icelandic Chess Championship 2022 took place from April 21 – May 1 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Ten players competed in 9 round robin rounds of the Championship and Hjorvar Steinn Gretarsson defended the 2021 champion’s title. The Winner was known with a round to spare and the last round determined only the medalists.

Final rankings – Icelandic Chess Championship 2022:

1GMGretarsson Hjorvar Steinn ISL25427.5
2GMStefansson Hannes ISL25256
3GMKjartansson Gudmundur ISL24305
4GMSteingrimsson Hedinn ISL25385
5IMStefansson Vignir Vatnar ISL25015
6GMThorhallsson Throstur ISL24224.5
7FMHeimisson Hilmir Freyr ISL23214.5
8GMThorfinnsson Bragi ISL24193.5
9 Mai Alexander Oliver ISL21772.5
10FMThorhallsson Simon ISL22521.5

Simultaneously with the Elite Icelandic Chess Championship group, 25 participants took part in the Candidates tournament – a qualification event for the Icelandic Team events.

The event was played in 9 rounds, swiss system, with Aleksandr Domalchuk-Jonasson conquering the top with 7 points. Johann Ingvason came second thanks to better tiebreak criteria and earned the second available spot in the Icelandic Team tournaments.

Final rankings – Icelandic Chess Championship – Candidates group:

1Domalchuk-Jonasson Aleksandr ISL21697
2Ingvason Johann ISL21726.5
3Briem Benedikt ISL20626.5
4Jonsson Gauti Pall ISL20646
5Heidarsson Arnar Milutin ISL20196
6Hauksdottir Hrund ISL17465.5
7Thorisson Benedikt ISL17785
8Ragnarsson Johann ISL19135
9Omarsson Josef ISL13525
10Heidarsson Mikael Bjarki ISL15745
11Finnsson Johann Arnar ISL18055
12Gudnyjarson Sigurdur Pall ISL14205
13Skarphedinsson Ingvar Wu ISL16735
14Thorsteinsson Thorsteinn Jakob F ISL13945
15Sverrisson Kristjan Th ISL17064.5
16Magnusson Magnus ISL20144
17Sigurvaldason Hjalmar ISL14064
18Kovacik Oliver ISL11924
19Johannsson Markus Orri ISL12883
20Kjartansson Matthias Bjorgvin ISL15043
21Hallmundarson Birkir ISL11622.5
22Brynjarsson Orvar Holm ISL12112.5
23Jonsson Johann ISL17702.5
24Vignisson Ingvar Egill ISL16372
25Palsson Oli ISL12951

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